Sandy Sagear

Sandra Sagear Wall Of Courage

Imagine …

Sandra Sagear did.

Application for the Sandra Sagear Wall of Courage – Updated 5.29.23
Contact Debra Madonna or Kennedy Israel
All applications due no later than July 1, 2023

The Sandra Sagear Wall of Courage Committee is looking for Plymouth-Canton Graduates who have displayed courage, perseverance, spirit, and creativity in succeeding in achieving an education, despite a physical, mental, or emotional barrier when they were students. In addition, they have shown an appreciation for others and commitment to their community.

The Sandra Sagear Wall of Courage is dedicated to acknowledging the importance of learning the stories of those who have made the difference.

The recipients of this award will have their names placed on the Sandra Sagear Wall of Courage, located at Plymouth High School. This award is named after Sandra Sagear, a 1969 graduate of the original Plymouth High School who imagined and believed she could succeed as she lived everyday with Polio.

This year is the 20th anniversary of the Sandra Sagear Wall of Courage, and we are looking to hear sixty-four stories and add sixty-four names to the existing five names currently engraved in honor of the PHS Class of 1969.   


Plymouth-Canton Residents

Category A

  • Must be a graduate, with a diploma or certificate of completion, from a school in the Plymouth- Canton Community School District.
  • Applicant is eligible 5 years post-graduation, pre-2018. 

Category B – NEW

·        Those who have had an IEP, 504, Special Services or the equivalent.

·        Applicant is eligible the Spring of 2023, 5 years and up

·        Attends /attended a school in the Plymouth- Canton Community School District.

·        Applicant may have attended a school outside Plymouth-Canton School District if needed programs were not offered in Plymouth-Canton Schools

Deadline for Nomination: – NEW

Please submit your nomination by July 1st, 2023

The Sandra Sagear Wall of Courage is located at the new Plymouth High School in Canton, Michigan.

Interview with Jerry Trumpka

Dennis Jones – the Artist – at the Sagear Wall

Dennis Jones on the Sandra Sagear Wall of Courage

Dennis Jones, a licensed practicing local architect and artist, designed and coordinated the construction of the Sagear Wall of Courage. He developed a dramatic presentation featuring an 18’ x 9’ multi-media design, which includes an alabaster sculpture and an extraordinary frame to display the names of all honorees.

Dennis M. Jones, February 27, 2002

“The image that moved me so regarding Sandra Sagear’s life was picturing her as a small child strapped with leg braces and crutches. I imagined her constant struggle. Struggles that any healthy person would avoid or take for granted. Being a parent, I imagined the hardship her family must have endured. Yet Sandra, with the help of family and friends persevered and succeeded where others have failed. Such is the gift of the human spirit. It is with Sandra’s spirit at heart that the Sagear Wall was conceived.

The Sagear Wall consists of several elements. Central to the design is a large, 430 lb. piece of white alabaster, carved in relief, depicting Sandra as an adult looking directly at herself as a small child. Sandra, the adult, appears to be reflecting on her life, whereas the child looks hopefully to the future. The white alabaster seems to capture Sandra’s fragility and her calm, pure spirit.

The mural will measure approximately nineteen feet across and ten feet tall. Several outlined figures, carved into a wood panel, will grace the mural on both sides of the sculpture. The inclusion of these figures will suggest the support of family and friends or other students that have endured hardship and succeeded. A written biography of Sandra’s life will be carved into the panel directly above the alabaster sculpture. The overall coloration of the mural will be white to compliment the alabaster sculpture and bring emphasis to Sandra’s calm strength.

Other sculptural elements will include a child’s crutch and leg braces. These two objects will be cast in lead and set upon a low wooden bench located on each side of the alabaster sculpture. The suggestion here recalls the manner in which Sandra may have removed and placed her crutches and braces at the end of her day. Lead was chosen as a material to suggest weight and burden. The lead will retain evidence of the casting process, the rough appearance further suggesting that these are objects of use with all the marks of their wear.

A frame made of lead is to also surround the entire mural. The names of past and future students that have endured hardships and succeeded will be engraved into the frame.

The completion of the Sagear Wall will bring me great pleasure to know that future generations will be encouraged to appreciate the hardship of others and their individual spirit to succeed.”