a stroke

one teeny, broken blood vessel
by Debra Madonna
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Who can have a stroke? One person may ignore health warnings and go about their lives believing that nothing will happen to them. Another person may collect information about every health issue that impacts them. They listen to medical practitioners and carefully follow the advice they are given. They take care of themselves, eat healthy foods, drink 6 – 8 glasses of water every day, exercise, and avoid stress. What do these individuals have in common? Either person can have a stroke. Neither may have recognized the warnings. They may be surprised that it happened to them. Either may pay attention to the big risks, but don’t consider how can a little salt, stress, or high blood pressure can negatively impact their health and lives. I had a stroke, with very little warning, and found myself in an Intensive Care Unit facing a lengthy recovery. All of my plans were cancelled that day. My immediate plans were abandoned. My long-term plans were placed on indefinite hold. My family was affected just as seriously as me. This is the story of my stroke, my recovery, the people I love, the people who love me and helped me survive and thrive.