a stroke. One teeny, broken blood vessel


Cover and Illustrations

  • Ed Good


  • Marcel, Andrew, Justine, John, Rebecca, Mark, Amanda, and Teddy Marg Moxnes, Jamie Jones


  • Justine Madonna, Marcel Madonna


  • John Madonna

Chapter 1

  • Marcel Madonna, Flora Good, C.W. Good, Gail Maloney
  • St. Mary Mercy Hospital

Chapter 2

  • Fred Rogers, Marg Moxnes. John Madonna
  • The Mayor of Livonia, Maureen Brosnan, St. Mary Mercy Hospital
  • John Madonna

Chapter 3

  • Cindy Davis Peters, Tricia Peters, Lucy French, Ed Good
  • Annual Cousins Day: Charlotte, Arline, Marilyn, Carolyn, Judy, Ginny, and Jody, Frankenmuth
  • Jenny Wendel
  • St. Mary Mercy Hospital

Chapter 4

  • Gail Maloney, Marcel Madonna, Flora Good, Ruth Martin, Ed Good

Chapter 5

  • Jeff Good, Miss Smart

Chapter 6

  • Occupational Therapist, Physical Therapist, Speech Therapist, Social Worker

Chapter 7

  • Marcel Madonna, Dale Evans, Flora and Loretta, Elizabeth Good, Hannah Good, Ruth Martin, Diane Bogenrieder, Hemingbird, Mike Maloney, Jennifer, Julia, Alexa, Anna Arapoff, Kathy Powers, Rachel Koezler, Leah, Molly, Tricia, Ayla Kennedy
  • Jamie Jones and family: Mason, Alexa, Skylar, Megan, Brendon Weil, Kevin, Kendra, Gavin, Stella Jones
  • Teddy, Justine, and Andrew Madonna
  • Gail Maloney, Jenny Wendel, Maggie and Me, Maggie, Shelley, Alexandra
  • Hemingway, Paris

Chapter 8

  • Andrew Madonna, John Madonna, Mark Madonna, Susan and Joe Lesser, Melody, Mike, Eric, and Jared Roe, San Francisco 49ers, Joe Montana, Cincinnati Bengals
  • Bill Davis and Louise Epperson, St Mary Mercy Hospital, Brahm’s Lullaby, Andrew, Justine, and Teddy, Music in the Park, R. S. V. P., Baylin and Lukas, Papa Madonna, Grammy Madonna, Lynne Hendzell, Lori Lee, Diane Bogenrieder, Michelle Dillon, Debbie Wardell, Gail Maloney, Westborn Market, Beatles, Sherry Hirth, Mary Berg, Sherry Siebert, Sue Ellen Sawusch, Judy Breitmeyer, Barbra Wells, Old Plymouth High School, Marg Moxnes,
  • Graye’s Greenhouse, Sylvia Graye, Rachel Nisch, Jessica Anchor
  • Mr. Rogers, Steve Hartman, “On The Road”, CBS Sunday Morning

Chapter 9

  • Marcel Madonna, Andrew, Justine, Teddy, Certified Occupational Therapist (C.O.T.A.), John Madonna and Rebecca Mitrovich, Mark Madonna and Amanda Xydis, Paris, Gail Maloney, Anya Linda Dely Dietz, Diane Bogenrieder, Shakespeare and Company, Cooperstown
  • Miracle League of Plymouth, Ken Burns, Cooperstown, Bartlett Giamatti, Ted Williams, Carlton Fisk, Kurt Gibson, The Perfect Game, Detroit Tigers 84 Alumni, Hal Naragon, Mickey Stanley, Tom Matchick, Gates Brown, Detroit Tigers 68 Alumni, Denny McLain, Dave Bergman, Dave Rozema, Barbaro Garbey, Dan Petry, Eli Zaret, The Bilkie Family Field, Jamie Jones
  • The Rock and Independence Day, Graceland, Tricorders, Star Trek, Captain Kirk, Ernie Harwell, Flora and Loretta, Alien, Ripley, Jonesy

Chapter 10

  • Lassie, The Little Princess, Pollyanna, Captain January, Heidi, The Grandfather, Shirley Temple, Helen Keller, Anne Frank, LIFE Magazine, Franklin Roosevelt, Harold Russell, The Best Years of Our Lives, C. W. Good, Jamie Jones, Music in the Park, Susan Jones, Beverly Meyer, Alex Ham Kucharski, Dawn and Rich Ham Kucharski, Blanche Davis, Jeff Good
  • Sandra Sagear, The old Plymouth High School, Tim and Donna Sagear, Vonnie & Jimmy Bench, Josh, Lisa, and Violet Bench, Tiffany and James Lambert, Jerry Trumpka, Dennis Jones, Sandra Sagear Wall of Courage, Sandra Sagear Scholarships, Rotary Club of Plymouth A. M., The Beatles, Polop

Chapter 11

  • Quixworks Therapeutic Massage and Reiki
  • Plymouth State Home, Maybury Sanatorium, Wayne Country Training School, Hawthorne Center, Detroit House of Corrections (DeHoCo), Robert Scott Correction Facility, Northville Regional Psychiatric Hospital (Northville State Hospital) and Plymouth Center for Human Development, Plymouth State Home and Training School, Howe 3, Rita Bell’s Movies, Bill Kennedy, the Soaps, All My Children, Erika Kane, the Martin family, Tale of Two Cities, Watergate Hearings
  • Colorado, Club Crest Babysitting Coop, Nancy Smith, Marcy Lamberson, Melody Roe, Nancy Smith, Marcia Charles, Kathy Bird, Helen Maloney, Marya Biesendorfer. Cindy Calka Duba, Martha Jones, Shelley Christianson, Cindy Churchill, Susan Schubert, Kim Giarratano, Mark Madonna
  • Michigan, Simon and Garfunkel’s “America”, St. Mary Mercy Hospital, Marian Women’s Center, Mary Jane Peck, Mary Lou Anolich, Teresa Doherty, Cheryl Grougan, Charlene Shedd, Nancy Mazur, and Carol Ann Fausone, Retired Brigadier General.
  • Music in the Park,  Plymouth Community Arts Council, Lisa Howard, Tyler Howard, Katie Howard, Nick Bair, Emily Bair, Christina Bair, Derek Bair, Dick and Damaris “Dee” Schulte, Joanne Winkleman Hulce, Suzanne Parent, Flossie Ernzen, Tammy and Jeremy Trudelle, Sheila Paton, Patrick Olson, David Williamson, Ted Williamson, Charlie Stout, Jeff Burda, Bill Lawton, Mike Ager, The Wilcox Foundation: Win Schrader, Dan Herriman, Scott Dodge, Carl Schultz and family; City of Plymouth, Commissioners, Paul Sincock, City Manager, City of Plymouth Support Staff, Police, and Firemen.
  • Guy Louis Sferlazza, Captain Jim Davison, Teddy
  • Music in the Park Musicians, Guy Louis Sferlazza, Beverly Meyer, The Music Lady, Gemini, Las and San Slomovits and Emily Slomovits, Josh White Jr., Matt Watroba, Robert Jones, Saline Fiddlers, Barbara Hutchison, Jan Krist, Kitty Donohoe, Mustard’s Retreat, Joel Tacey, Tom Seley, Gordon Russ, Jeremy Kittel, Cats and Fiddlers, Mike Ager and All Directions, Donna Novak, HarpBeat, Corwin Stout, elmoTHUMM, Paula Messner, Candy Band, Sarah Lenore, Zac Morgan, Phoenix, Joe Reilly, Plymouth – Canton Fife and Drum Core, Earth Angels. Marc Thomas & Max the Moose, and more.
  • Miracle League Baseball of Plymouth, Sandy Sagear’s dog, Jingles. A bear named “Buddy” named after Jerry Trumpka, Miracle League, Conyers, Ga, Rotary Club of Plymouth A.M. Robert and Shari Bilkie, Amanda Lehnert, and family, Debra and Marcel Madonna, Mark Madonna. Kevin Finnerty, Geoff Taylor, John Gasloli, Stacey Diefenbach, Wendy Williamson, Kelly Herman, Sam Plymale, Steve Anderson, City of Plymouth Recreation, Shaw Construction, Ted Barker, Ted Mazaris, Joseph Philips. Mike Bailey, Michigan Paralyzed Veterans of America, Marcel Madonna, Mark Madonna, Bob and Lynne Hendzell
  • COTA, Certified Occupational Therapist Assistant. Schoolcraft College
  • Brad Kadrich, Joanne Maliszewski,Plymouth Canton Observer, bi-weekly column, Around Town, Bill and Blanche Davis, The Plymouth Mail
  • Betty Smith, Bill Keith, WSDP 88.1 FM, Plymouth-Canton Schools, Marcel Madonna, “Here Comes the Sun”, weekly show, Community, 
  • Miss Smart
  • QuixWorks Therapeutic Massage and Reiki located next to Dairy King), Tricia Kennedy, Sherry Lorimer, Lauren Gohl, Donna Farr, Erin Quillman, Michelle Clemens
  • Futures Health Core – Occupational Therapist
  • Sandra Sagear Wall of Courage
  • PARC Committee, Plymouth Arts & Recreation, “Saving Central Middle School”, Karmanos Cancer Institute, H.O.T. (Hazards of Tobacco), West Board & Volunteer, Legendary Locals of Michigan by Leis Dauzet-Miller, Ruth Whipple Huston Award, City of Plymouth, Inaugural Notable PHS Graduate, Parent Involvement Committee, PCEP, Allen School, Field Trip Mom, Reading Mom, etc., Parent Volunteer, Central Middle School, Parent Involvement Committee, PCEP.
  • St. Baldrick’s Foundation fundraiser to fight childhood cancers was held at the Plymouth Roc, Rachel Koelzer, Andrew Madonna, Mark Madonna, Eric Bacyinski, Michael Siegrist, Alice McCardell Angela Nolan
  • ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, Abigail Samuels, Rob Parent, Eric and Brooke Bacyinski, Lisa Howard, Guy Louis Sferlazza, Colleen Abb
  • Susan G. Komen 3-Day Breast Cancer Walk, “Hearts for Gretchen” Team in honor of Gretchen Little, Suzie Pitluk, (Gretchen Little’s sister), Gretchen Pitluk (Suzie’s daughter), Nathan Pitluk (Suzie’s son), Eric Surprenant, Elena Surprenant, Linda Brunetto. Jack Pitluk, our team’s wingman. Tricia Kennedy, Cheerleader
  • Blanche and Bill Davis

Chapter 12

  • Panera Bread, Plymouth, the City of Plymouth Mi. Emergency Services, aka 911, St. Mary Mercy Hospital, primary care physician, social worker, neurologist, urologist, physical therapists, and occupational therapists.
  • Ed Good, BookBaby, Dawn Ham-Kucharski, Brad Kadrich, Melissa Barnes, Marg Moxnes, Andrew and Justine Madonna, John Madonna and Rebecca Mitrovich, Mark Madonna and Amanda Xydis, Marcel Madonna
  • Joel Thurtell, Irene Elliot, Jennifer Adkins, Gerald VanDusen
  • Jeff Good
  • Theresa Good, Cousins, Aunts, Uncles, Nieces, Nephews, Jake Peters, Laura Nelson, Coddiwomple
  • Lori Steward, Lynne Welty, Judy Shellhaas, John Shellhaas, Jason Shellhaas, Jess Vankoningsveld and Morgan Vankoningsveld, Mrs. Hirth, Harland and Dorothy Smith, Bernie Zeiler, and Marg Moxnes. Colleen Riley Schroder
  • Mary, Mike, Maggie, and Matt Mitrovich, Randy Tesch, Frank and Loretta Keehl, David, Corkie, and Stephanie Lawton, Lucy Gavin, Jill Johnson, Barbra Wells. Sayre Fox, Melissa Barnes, Mary Novrocki, Sally Welch, Wyatt Hazlett, Jon Cassino, Rakesh and Sarita Sharma, Aarti, Stefan and Aaliyah Huber, Anjali Sharma, Jennifer, Gemma and Cameron Munson, Elizabeth, Hugh, and David Burley, Kim Delin, Leis Dauzet-Miller.
  • Freedom
  • The Jones family. Louie Karras, Kathy Smalley and Alex Karras, Katie Hiltz, Rachel Koelzer, Gabby McCall, Katelin Thomas Colvin, Jesse Jenkins, Jack Flynn, Mark LaPointe, Brian Paton, Jeff Powers Alex Ham-Kucharski, Dawn and Rich Ham-Kucharski, Sandy Sagear, Vonnie Bench and Tim Sagear and family, Jerry and Becky Trumpka, Dennis Jones, Scott Thomas, Sean Kahlil, Kurt Kuban, Steve Anderson, Dr. Anna Booher, Father Philip Schmitter, Stephanie and Brad Naberhaus, Building Bridges Therapy Center, and Lorraine and Donald Zaksek.
  • Rachelle Vartanian, Living and Learning Enrichment Center, Katie Howard, Kristen Lamberson, Julie Giarratano, Fagan and Nick Bair
  • Baylin, Lukas, Jaxon. Kimmie and Dan Ervans, Becky and Ron Brodzik, Korey Brodzik, and Kyle Brodzik.
  • Nicole MacGregor, Emily Kaatz Cilibraise, Lisa Miller Harthun, Margaret Antio, Barbie Bouffard, Tricia Kennedy, Mike Howell, Lisa Howard, Gail and Mike Maloney, Jake Maloney, Lynne, Bob Hendzell and family, Lori and Craig Lee, Ruth and Larry Martin, Susan Lesser, Cindi Fry, Anya Linda Dely Dietz, Cathy Donaldson, Katie Donaldson, Melody Petrul, Nancy Oz, Deb Wardell, Michelle Dillon, Marisa Downs, Alicia Van Pelt, Kathy Koszegi, Lucy French, Lauren French, Tricia French, Susan Stoney, Patti VanDusen, Lauren Gohl, Kristen Smelser, Gayle Harshman, Nancy White, Teri Furr, Bernadette Glowski, Cheryl Fletcher Greening, Deborah Dooley, Karry Eckles Lancaster, and Amy Neale, Darrin Silvester, Kelly O’Donnell, Oliver Wolcott, Nick Moroz, Paul Sincock, and City of Plymouth Commissioners.
  • Occupational Therapists, Massage Therapists, “Scraftie” classmates, Mrs. Horton. Schoolcraft College, Mrs. Morgan, the Citric Acid Cycle
  • Cloverdale’s, Daly’s Restaurant, Kresge’s, the Box Bar, Minerva’s Dunning, P & A Theater, Bode’s Restaurant, Kemnitz Candy, the Plymouth Library, the Penn Theatre, PARC / Central Middle School / Plymouth High School, Starkweather School / condos, Patricia and Mark Malcolm, Wendy Harless, Don Soenen.
  • Vanessa’s Flowers,. Graye’s Greenhouse, Rachel Nisch, Jessica Anchor, Maggie & Me, Maggie, Shelly and Alexandra
  • The Tuesday afternoon Plymouth Library Writing Group
  • St. Peter’s Lutheran Day School, Miss Smart, Miss Ebe, Mr. Scharf, and Mrs. Goebel, The Boxcar Children, Cat in the Hat, foxes, Edgar Allen Poe, Christmas Eve Pageant, “Silent Night, Kare Stevens
  • Marg and Bern’s parents: Dorothy and Harland Smith, Smitty, Dr. Zhivago
  • Pastor Berg, ’s voice, the stained-glass windows, Bach, Rev. Edgar Hoenecke
  • Amy Trombley, Allen Elementary School field trip, “Are we having fun yet?”
  • Elaine Attridge, Teddy, Mark, Kellogg Park.
  • C.W., Flora, Bill, and Blanche
  • A baby is born, St. Mary Mercy Hospital, “Brahms Lullaby”, Lori Marie Key, a nurse, “Amazing Grace” COVID-19 Memorial, Washington D.C., President-elect Joe Biden,  Vice President-elect Kamala Harris. 


  • Sandra Sagear, Dennis Jones, Sandra Sagear Wall of Courage Honorees, Sandra Sagear Scholars