Interview with Jerry Trumpka

my co-chair of the Sandra Sagear Wall of Courage, filmed by John Madonna:

For the last two years, the word “polio” has been a part of the discussion on Covid and Vaccines. Sandy Sagear and Jerry Trumpka, born in 1950, both contracted polio before the age of 2. Sandy and Jerry are a part of my book because they overcame adversity and their stories teach us what it’s like to have polio and why parents made sure their children received the Salk Polio vaccine when it became available in 1955.

“’Safe, effective, and potent.’ With these words on April 12, 1955, Dr. Thomas Francis Jr., director of the Poliomyelitis Vaccine Evaluation Center at the University of Michigan School of Public Health, announced to the world that the Salk polio vaccine was up to 90% effective in preventing paralytic polio. University of Michigan School of Public Health.” “1955 Polio Vaccine Trial Announcement”:

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