Music In The Park

Music In The Park

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Every Summer Wednesday at Noon in Kellogg Park, Plymouth, Michigan
RAIN LOCATION: Concerts will be held in the Gathering, next to the Penn Theater

Since 1984, Music in the Park has been presented by The Plymouth Community Arts Council, 774 N. Sheldon, Plymouth, MI …  734.416.4278

Each summer 25,000 people enjoy these free-to-the-community concerts.
There are more strollers in Kellogg Park every Summer Wednesday at Noon than any place else in the country.

Imagine a place, a park, filled with babies, young children, moms, dads, grandmas & grandpas, aunts, uncles, friends, gathered together, sitting on blankets, sharing a picnic lunch, all shaded by old trees. And right at 12:00 pm, someone starts playing a guitar, singing a song, or drumming on a drum. By 12:01, children are dancing, moms are relaxing and everyone has a great time. At 1:00 pm, the music stops, families pack up their picnic baskets and head for home. They return the following Wednesday. How does that sound? Relaxing? Fun? Peaceful? Happy? See for yourself. Join us in Kellogg Park.

Celebrate “Music & Children” in the Park
… A little happiness today. A lot of happiness tomorrow

My term as Chairperson of Music in the Park was 1994 – 2015.

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