Local Legends

Legendary Locals Of Plymouth

Plymouth, a charming town 40 miles west of Detroit, is rich with history and interesting people. Though the community has undergone many changes and much growth throughout the years, it maintains a small, stylish downtown feel. Much of that can be attributed to the town’s residents—dedicated folks who take pride in their community and aim to make it stronger and better, year after year. The Houghs helped put Plymouth on the map when they mass-produced the Daisy BB gun, employing hundreds of residents; Debra Madonna is a promoter of arts and education who is devoted to children with special needs; Phoebe Patterson helped pave the way for women’s rights; Margaret Dunning’s generosity and vision have provided special buildings for education; and museum volunteer Sanford Burr, whose family history runs deep in Plymouth, loves sharing the community’s heritage. Whether through industry, education, volunteer work, the arts, or philanthropy, the people in Legendary Locals of Plymouth saw a need and acted on it, helping make Plymouth what it is today.

Ruth, 2nd row, 4th from the left
Deb, 3rd row, 2nd from the left